Mr. Jacobs thoughtfulness, experience and knowledge was indeed remarkable

Mr Jacobs was the SEVENTH attorney I had contacted for my issue. All others said it was a loss. Mr. Jacobs thoughtfulness, experience and knowledge was indeed remarkable. Some have commented that he is expensive; burgers are cheaper than steak. Needless to say he won my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a GOOD attorney.

Debi B.

Great lawyer and good human being

Bob helped us with a lawsuit regarding our house in Fremont. He was always very correct but could usually figure how to get us out of a box if the opposing counsel was trying to box us in. He’s a great lawyer and good human being with mercy and kindness in his soul. After our case was over we became friends and remain so to this day.

S. Sheikh

Bob Jacobs was a terrific help to me

I met Bob when one of my children lost her house during the 2008 recession. I sat in on their meetings and I instantly recognized his expertise and great empathy for her and her husband. When I needed legal help I didn’t hesitate calling on Bob. He didn’t disappoint me. I was engage in a gnarly lawsuit which was not huge financially, but it did include a broad set of of things. Bob Jacobs was a terrific help to me, keeping me sane in the process and leading us to a successful ending. I highly recommend Bob as a person and as a lawyer.

Steve B.

He quickly addressed and solved my problem

Bob listened to me, researched my situation, addressed the issue, and secured a just and fair settlement. It was an area of employment law that even though he wasn’t familiar with, he quickly addressed and solved my problem. Great service.

Alan N.

We have the utmost respect for him

Mr Jacobs – is everything you read about him and more.  We were leasing a building and purchasing a business.  With all these expenses, this is the last time you want to spend extra money on legal advise – but things did not seem quite right so we did.  This decision saved us tens of thousands of dollars.  Not only did Mr Jacobs help us understand and negotiate our lease – the original reason for hiring him.  He also helped us revisit the purchase, and in the end we purchased the business for less than half of our original offer.  Throughout the process he took the time to explain the law and how it applied.  He consistently demonstrated the highest integrity, always honest and clear.  We have the utmost respect for him and will go back to him whenever legal advise is needed.  Thank you so much Mr Jacobs!  You made a real difference!

Linda O.

Provided clarity and confidence

Thank you so much for your calm questions, your patience, and your amazing ability gather information, synthesize it,  and to get to the point. Your letter and the other documents provided clarity and confidence to help me find my voice and support my client’s in a highly professional manner. I really appreciate and like your work. I am very a big fan!

Murline M.

I highly recommend Robert Jacobs

If I could rate Robert Jacobs 10-stars I would. I was referred to Mr. Jacobs from my real estate agent when I found myself involved in a real estate transaction where the seller’s broker was acting inappropriately trying to cancel the contract. Mr. Jacobs attention to detail and his strategic approach to our circumstances led to a successful outcome to a situation I initially thought was bleak. Mr. Jacobs approach to the case was that of a skillful chess player. He anticipated with accuracy the response and actions of the seller and the seller’s broker and was able to provide me with all the “what if” options as he worked on my case.

The best outcome for my case was 100% of my attorney fees paid by the seller and the close of escrow on the house for my family. He was successful in making it happen and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Robert Jacobs and would definitely retain him again.

Marla L.

His defense of my interests could not have been more powerful or relentless

There have been a handful of people in my life to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude, and truly Robert Jacobs is one of them.  At the risk of melodrama and hyperbole, it is really no exaggeration to say that he saved my life.  My future, anyway.  In a legal sense, most of us are lost and vulnerable in a forest filled with wolves.  Corporations and their battalions of lawyers are just such a pack, without pity, compassion, or morality, and legal or not, they routinely rip people like me to shreds, leaving our lives in ruins from which many of us can never recover.

Some years ago, innocent and blameless, I nevertheless found myself in this legal “forest” at the mercy of these wolves, and it was at that time that Robert Jacobs came to be my Champion.  He listened to me… really listened… and he heard my fear and despair, that through no fault of my own I was about to be financially ruined.  And he said to me, “You can relax, because I am not going to allow anyone to hurt you.”  And that is exactly what he did.  I really felt that his defense of my interests… his defense of me personally… could not have been more powerful or relentless if I had been a member of his own family.  From the bottom of my heart, and with sincere gratitude, I thank you, Mr. Jacobs, for everything you have done for me.

Loren S.

Mr. Jacobs was very helpful and very prompt in all communication and delivery. Excellent advice and service.

RyanFormer Client