Making sure that business transactions are secure, predictable and enforceable

Savvy business people ask legal counsel to review and prepare contracts, leases, options and loans.  If a contract is signed and everybody performs as promised, then things work out well. But when people change their minds or don’t perform, problems show up and everybody digs into their files to look at their contracts. When this happens, a clearly worded contract can be invaluable. A simple quote in legal circles is that “People look at their contracts most closely the second time.” This means that people may not look at their contracts carefully when they are being drafted. But they really look at them closely when a problem comes up. That’s because contractual language often determines who wins and who loses a dispute.

Good legal counsel help business owners and managers recognize risk.

Legal counsel help business owners implement plans for addressing and managing risk. Good lawyers also help their clients develop strategies for dealing with difficult situations. When litigation becomes necessary, these lawyers develop a strategy for achieving a successful outcome. Whether it’s dealing with unpaid collectibles, advising on supplier problems, or defending a claim on a defective product, a good lawyer often becomes a close confidant and advisor.

Transactional and litigation matters

Following is a representative summary of business matters successfully handled by Robert B. Jacobs:


  • Preparation of all legal documentation associated with sale of aircraft component repair facility owned by international venture. Services included review and negotiation of all contract and sale documents, as well as negotiation and preparation of lease documents, including lease of Federally owned property.
  • Ten years later, legal services included in subsequent resale of this same operation. Services included negotiation, drafting and preparation of contracts and all documentation related to such sale.
  • Negotiation and preparation of all contractual and related documentation for partial breakup of family owned real estate partnership. Partial distribution included both cash and commercial properties distributed to the withdrawing partner. Services included review of all documentation involved in subsequent sale of properties received in the distribution.
  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts and related documentation for the purchase of several restaurants, including real property, from failed restaurant chain, including purchase in bankruptcy proceeding of one restaurant free and clear of all liens. Services included all negotiations and contractual preparation for subsequent sale of most of these restaurants.
  • Negotiation and preparation of all documentation related to the sale of 96 acre agricultural property near Chico, California. Services included preparation of contract of sale, all disclosures, and all necessary documentation relating to the sale of said property.
  • Drafting of stock buyout arrangement between key shareholders of Hong Kong Holding Company concerning shares of stock of shanghai pharmaceutical company.
  • Representation of investor in a commercial building development following completion of construction. Handled buyout negotiations following developer’s inability to find adequate long terms lessee.
  • Representation of long-term tenant of commercial property in exercise of first right of refusal in connection with prospective purchase of the leased property
  • Advising developer and owner of commercial office building and other commercial properties with respect to loans and negotiations with related investors.
  • Ongoing preparation of commercial leases for commercial landlords and tenants
  • Preparation of form contract to be used by real estate mortgage broker in connection with services obtaining loans by clients
  • Formation of corporations and Limited Liability Companies
  • Preparation of corporate minutes, resolutions and related documentation concerning annual meetings of shareholders and Boards of Directors
  • Dissolution of Limited Liability Company


  • Successfully represented seller of franchised restaurant at trial after the buyer backed out of the transaction at the last minute
  • Successfully defended the buyer of a business in a lawsuit filed many years after the business had been purchased on credit
  • Successfully defended a general contractor at trial in a lawsuit filed by a subcontractor for work done at an automobile dealership
  • Successfully defended a co-owner of an apartment complex in a suit filed by the other co-owner
  • Successfully defended a mortgage broker in a series of several suits filed by various borrowers concerning lending practices
  • Successfully represented seller of two apartment complexes after the buyer defaulted on loans and following foreclosure
  • Successfully represented a field service engineer in a lawsuit for collection of substantial unpaid fees for services incurred in connection with repairs of high end specialized equipment
  • Successful defense of a business owner at trial from claims of non-payment for substantial printing services
  • Successfully defended Kaiser physician against suit brought by vendor of consumer services
  • Successful representation of builder who was a partner in the development and substantial remodeling of a commercial building
  • Successful preparation and filing of suit against a chain of stores for fraud and misrepresentation
  • Successfully defended through mediation the personal representative of an estate sued by a church over a pledge to make a donation